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Welcome to Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu Las Vegas, we are a training and learning facility. We focus on improving self-discipline, increase confidence level and reach an optimal physical abilities through the art of Jiu-Jitsu and our complimentary programs. At RJJLV, our highly trained and dedicated instructors will help you maximize your Jiu-Jitsu training experience.

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Tara Smith “My son has been training under Professor Dax since 2019 and has enjoyed it. All the other instructors are very good and friendly with kids. My granddaughter who is three has started taking the little warriors class. It’s a friendly and family environment that is very inclusive. The academy also offers boxing classes which my son also takes. The coaches there are also very good with kids.”
– Sarita Rodriguez

Simon Chel “Dax is a very knowledgeable yet patient teacher who takes time with each individual to make sure they understand the concept each class. The atmosphere at the gym is very welcoming and family oriented. I’ve been to many gyms but haven’t seen any quite as welcoming and accommodating as this one.”
– Nate Gallagher

Jen Wirth “This place is awesome… I’ve traveled and trained outside this country and i got to admit my experience has shown me that discipline and culture is very important. Love the fact that he has both. LEARN TO EARN… if you fit in with respect and honor then you are a perfect fit”
– Jen Wirth

Jeff Glum “My son has been training with Ribeiro for over 3 years now. We live in Pahrump and try to make it at least 3 times a week and more if we can. This has been an incredible journey for my son, and I can truly and honestly say that he has gained so much within this time. Sensei Dax and his wife Glenda are wonderful people who make you feel welcome and definitely believe in family values. Ashley and Ryan are other instructors that my son has had the opportunity to train with and learn from. They as well have strong family values. All of the instructors are very attentive and will take extra time if need be to assist in training. Every student, adult or child is taken care of.

Over a year ago, the academy added more to the family by including Robert and his Rebel Boxing family. Since this time my son has been training in boxing with Robert and his brother, and I have had the opportunity to participate in their cardio boxing classes. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy each and every class! I get bummed out when I have to miss a class.

My son and I have enjoyed our journey thus far and look forward to the future with Ribeiro. It has been a very personal experience not only seeing them grow, but actually being a part of it.

– Paul Hollingsworth


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